About Me!

Hey, it’s me, the Sparkly Rainbow Nerd!  Some of my more normal friends (pssh…normies…) call me Calvin.  I use he/him/his pronouns, am currently studying psychology, and am constantly on the hunt for cats to squeeze.


I promise I smile more than that, I just really love that eyeshadow plus there are actual RAINBOW FLAGS!! waving behind me so forgive the “serious and sensitive” expression I’ve adopted in the above pic, OK?

I created this blog because I am a super, mega nerd for waaaay too many  aspects of pop culture.  Even my dearest, most patient friends have tired of hearing me blab on and on about the things I love, and because I couldn’t bear to keep it all bottled up inside, I decided spilling the contents of my nerd brain into the abyss of the internet might be a good idea.  I started this blog with no particular wish that anyone should ever read it; it’s a place for me to pick my own brain, gush about my own fangirl-y wishes and dreams, and maybe even do a little criticizing of the things I love so much.  That said, if you’re someone who happens to be reading this, salutations!  Please wipe your shoes on the mat on your way in.

Now, when I say I like waaaaay too many aspects of pop culture, what am I talking about?  Well, I’m talking…

Comics (Superhero and Otherwise)

Video Games

Cartoons (and anime)

TV Shows

Disney (with a special soft spot for the princesses)

Ok, so at this point I’m having way too much fun just finding pictures of stuff I’m obsessed with, so I’ll stop before I disappear down that hole for a week and need an emergency crew to drag me out.  Not for the second time this month.

Last but not least…I’m gay.  Actually, that wasn’t nearly big enough.  I’m GAY!!


That’s a bit better.

So whenever I see anything with even the slightest whiff of gay, I get UNREASONABLY EXCITED!  So just keep that in mind.

Anyway, that’s me!  I hope you enjoy what I’m putting together.  And if not…well, I am 🙂

10842190_10204506612378195_1263718185436072910_o (2)

(Told you I’m not always serious)